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    Welcome Email

    After creating your new account, we will send an email containing the information you need to get started.

    Account Information

    The welcome email will have all the information you need to access and update your online content. This includes the server name, IP if you have a dedicated IP address, your Unix userid and password, and any database access information if you are using a DB application.

    Username and Password

    Your account resources start with a Unix account. You may not get exactly the user  name requested as the account name must be 1-8 characters, all lower case starting with a character [a-z]. The password is case sensitive and should contain some special characters and/or numbers. A lot has been written about what constitutes a good password. Some of that information is summarized the article account security. Where possible we recommend using SSH keys. This provides a much higher level of security. Information on SSH and generating keys is in the article is also in the account security article


    You may use any email program that supports IMAP or POP3 SMTP protocols. You may configure your email client with any of the protocols. We do make the following recommendations:

    • If you are reading from mobile devices we recommend using IMAP.
    • We recommend against using POP3, leave messages on the server. If you do not have a good working knowledge of SMTP and POP3 the consequences of using this protocol will be confusing.
    • POP3 works if your email is being read from a single device.

    Webmail is available with all accounts. If you follow the configuration guidelines, webmail may be used in parallel with your email client.

    Moving your site to Safeport

    This consists of two steps: first copy your files to the folder that contains your website (the document root) as defined by the Welcome Email; next your domain is “published” by setting Domain Name Service (DNS) to map your domain to Safeport’s webserver.

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