Virtual Servers

A Virtual Server gives you the advantages of having your own dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. A virtual server may be added as an option to our hosting plans starting with the Small Business plan. We add an incremental cost to the plan so that your total cost is show in the table below. There are a couple of advantages to this over what is listed below:

  • Because we use FreeBSD jails, server maintenance is included.
  • The email and domain limits do not apply, space is defined by the hosting plan.
  • Your web/email application is essentially on a dedicated server bringing enhanced security.
  • You may run any email, web server or service supported by FreeBSD

Virtual servers are partitions of a full server that act as a separate machine. Safeport Virtual Servers are created using FreeBSD jails. Each virtual server runs its own programs, has it's own user accounts, and own root user account. A virtual server is an independent system that can only be accessed through the internet.

Reasons to Use a Virtual Server

Uses for a Virtual Server
  • Running a customized mail server
  • Running a backup mail server. If your mail is not online, the virtual server will collect the mail and send it to the main mail server as soon as it is available.
  • Providing online data backup
  • Running applications designed to run on a dedicated server, such as PHP based applications.
  • Running an application that requires an SSL certificate. A virtual server is the most cost effective way of getting a fixed IP address, which is required to have an SSL certificate.
Advantages of a Virtual Server
  • Safeport can handle upgrades and application installations for you.
  • You have 24-hour access to your virtual server.
  • It is more secure than the shared hosting environment
  • It is more cost effective than a full physical server
  • It is more robust than the shared hosting environment, better suited to tasks that require more performance.

Virtual Server Prices

 Small BusinessBusinessCorporate
Monthly$50 / month
$35 setup fee
$100 / month
$35 setup fee
$175 / month
$35 setup fee
Quarterly$47.50 / month
($142.50 / quarter)
($142.50 / quarter)
($285 / quarter)
$166.25 / month
($498.75 / quarter)
Semi-annually$45 / month
($270 / 6 months)
$90 / month
($540 / 6 months)
$157.50 / month
($945.00 / 6 months)
Yearly$42.50 / month
($510 / year)
$85 / month
($1020 / year)
$148.75 / month
($1785 / year)