Website Portfolio

A few examples of Websites developed by the Safeport Team:

Graphic design, responsive website solutions that conform to any computer, mobile phone or tablet

Dance Addiction Dance Competition

This website was built using WordPress. The design is a responsive layout that includes a video graphic logo and a video introduction. The company conducts dance competition events.  

Chosen Dance Academy

This was the 3rd generation of the site, utilizing Bootstrap to enable their website to be responsive on all media devices. Excellent photos, and design have allowed this company to flourish and stand out as the top dance studio in South Carolina.

Axis Dance Competition


This website was built using WordPress with a focus on responsive layout. It features a unique entry video graphic highlighting the focus of the client's dance competition.

Mark of Excellence National Talent Competition

Website in WordPress Parallax design that allows a unique scrolling view of the pages. The site features a highly unique opening logo motion graphic that catches the eye and is used throughout their media campaign. The content is presented in an easy to view/understand format.

National Military Spouse Advocacy Organization

This 2nd generation site was originally converted from another platform to WordPress, after which our designers added graphics and a background that was more inline with the theme of the content. The result is responsive to any media device, and makes it easier to understand the mission of the company.

Encore Dance Competitions for the Stars

Celebrating it's 20th year, this 3rd generation site that was developed in WordPress framework to be responsive to all devices. The background and images reflect their colorful staging backdrop and company color scheme. The site features pictures and images that allow the user to register for their events and quickly find relevant information.

Encore Extreme Dance Competition

The sister company of Encore Dance Competitions, this 2nd generation site was developed using WordPress, responsive to the many types of devices that its clients utilize. Graphics and similar theme and background colors stay in line with the parent company.