The Basics

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    The Basics

    This article covers the information needed to set up and access your account. Some of this is information you supply when signing up, with the rest coming from the Welcome Email.

    Account Creation

    After completing the signup form you will receive a Welcome email explaining how to access your account. To log in to add or update files you may use FTP, SFTP or SSH. For security reasons we recommend not using FTP. If you are using a CMS, database, or E-commerce application we require the use of SFTP or SSH. Every non-Basic hosting account has access to a full Unix Shell. While this adds a great deal of functionality, no knowledge of Unix is required to create and update your website

    Web Server Information

    You log into your web serving with your account name, password and web server name. The name of your server will be included in the Welcome email. You may also use www.yourdomain as the server name.

    Domain Name

    You may either choose to have Safeport manage your domain, or register/transfer your name yourself using our domain management center. Newly registered domain names are usually accessible within 24 hours. For more information about transferring domains, please see the article on domain transfer.

    Adding a Domain Name

    If you wish to refer to your site by more than one name, you may do so by filling out the domain  request form. You may add a domain registered with any registrar or you may wish to use Safeport’s domain services.


    All accounts come with email service. Email may be forwarded to external address or you may set up Safeport mailboxes. We do not place any limit on the number of forwarded addresses. The number of mailboxes is defined by your service plan.

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