Accessing Your Website

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    Accessing Your Website

    Logging In

    Log into your account using the username, domain and server given in the Welcome email. After logging into your account your current directory will be /home/username/. Your website files must be uploaded to directory /home/username/htdocs/domain. If your account has more than more site there a sub-directory for each domain in your account. The htdocs directory has system permissions set to make your site more secure. If you accidentally delete this directory, you should call/email to restore the correct permissions

    Uploading Files

    SFTP/FTP or SSH can be used to upload your files into the domain sub-directory. The first page of the website is called the document root. This file must be named one of the standard names known to the web server, usually index.html or index.php for PHP based sites. The full list of name is given here.

    Publishing Your Site

    The final step is to choose a domain name and register that name to make your site visible over the internet. Safeport will at your direction do this for you. You also may choose to register the name yourself using Safeport’s Domain Service or with another registrar. After the domain is registered, the registrar’s base name servers may be set to and

    Setting up Email

    The final item is setting up a new account is to establish the email addresses you want and to configure the email programs you wish to use. Each email mailbox is a separate account having its unique username and password. Send an email to with the email addresses you want to use.

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