Domain Policies

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    Renew or Transfer a Domain

    You may either choose to have Safeport manage your domain, or register/transfer your name yourself using our domain management center. Newly registered domain names are usually accessible within 24 hours. For more information about transferring domains, please see the article on domain transfer.

    Renewing or transferring a domain may be done at any time not close to the expiration date. When you renew a domain the number of years you select is added to the current expiration date. When you transfer a domain 1 year is added. Transferring a domain too close to the expiration can lead to problems. Generally you may not transfer a domain for 60 days after the initial registration. To see what the current policies are visit, select “POLICY” and then “ICANN POLICY”.

    Expired Domains

    Follow the link “Expired Registration Recovery Policy” from the “ICANN POLICY” page to see the current ICANN policies on expired domains. The registrars are given fairly wide latitude in implementing these policies. The registrar we use, DOTSTER currently does the following:

    • the domain will remain visible for 3 days after expiring
    • for 30 days the domain may be renewed

     There are policies covering periods where domains may be recovered with a penalty. You should not depend on these policies. They change and because of the after market in domain name speculation you should assume that a domain that has been registered for a number of years will be taken.

    Links are not given to the ICANN pages because the policies change. If you want to review these policies you should always start from

    in Domain