Managing Your Domain

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    Managing Your Domain


    You may leave your domain with the current registrar, register a domain using our domain services portal or have Safeport manage your domain. If you use our services, Safeport will act as the interface to the registrar saving you time and effort. If we manage your domain, we give discounted pricing and ensure your domain will not expire. Safeport’s managed domain pricing is among the lowest available, with our outstanding and free support.

    Using External Registrars

    When your account is established, you just need to set your name servers to and That’s it. Everything goes on as before. If you are developing a site, we will provide a temporary URL to test the site, usually

    Using a Domain Account with Safeport

    Because of the ¬†limitations of our registrar’s portal, Safeport must initialize your account. We will address this in the future, but Dotster has proved to be reliable with good customer support. When registering a domain you should refuse all extra services. Safeport provides private registration in two forms and does not charge for this. If you are registering we do not think you necessarily need .org, .net, .us. If you do not want additional .tlds, be careful not to select any. If you make mistakes during this process they are easily corrected.

    Using Safeport Managed Services

    If you want to avoid all the hassle of dealing with ICANN and registrar policies and the complexity of various domains portals, we will do all this for you. As this for the most part makes our work easier, there is no charge for this service and we offer a discounted price. The only consideration is that you are responsible for telling us when not to renew a domain.



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