Required Files and Folders

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    Required Files and Folders

    Your account on Safeport has a home directory where your web pages are stored. Certain files and directories or folders in your home directory are required for the correct operation and administration of your account. These files and folders must not be removed. They take up almost no space and enable the correct functioning of your account.

    With some programs, these files and folders will be read only or invisible, and you will not be able to delete them. If you are logging into your account through your UNIX shell account, as well as some other programs, you will be able to see these files and folders and will have the ability to delete them. Make sure that you don’t do so by mistake!

    In general, do not delete any file that begins with a period.

    The following files and folder are required in your home directory:

      • .forward — This file directs forwarded email to its destination.
      • .cshrc — This allows you to login using a UNIX shell account.
      • htdocs/ — Your webspace. Your website is stored in this folder. If you have multiple domain names under a single Safeport account, each domain will be a subdirectory of the htdocs/ directory.

    index.html, index.shtmlWeb browsers automatically load pages named “index” as the homepage of your website. If the index file is deleted, your website will appear as a gopher directory (a list of all of the files and folders in your htdocs/ directory).

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