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Safeport offers six service plans with customizable features so that you can assemble a hosting and email package to fit your needs.You can save on your web hosting costs by prepaying. Save 15% when you sign up for a year. For details on features included in all plans see below. Please note that domain costs are listed separately.

Service Plan Details and Features

Starting at the Advantage level, shopping cart and inventory tracking software is available. New Advantage accounts include one free managed domain registration with semi-annual or yearly payment plans. With new accounts at the Advantage Plus level and higher, the yearly registration for one managed domain is free when paying semi-annually or yearly. All plans have the following discounts for pre-payment:

Quarterly Semi-annual Yearly
5% off 10% off 15% off

More great deals: add hosting for additional websites for only $5/month more after domain registration fee. Synonym domains are hosted FREE after registration fee!

Budget Plus
Advantage Plus
Cost/Month when prepaid yearly

$4.25 $8.50 $12.75 $17.00 $25.50 $46.75
Setup Fee

$32.95 $32.95 None None None None
FREE Support
Disk Space

400MB 1000MB 1600MB 2400MB 4000MB 8000MB
Domain Name Service

1 Page Website Personal Website Up to 3 Websites Up to 4 Websites Up to 6 Websites Up to 10 Websites
Parked Domains

2 allowed 5 allowed 10 allowed 15 allowed 20 allowed
Email Accounts + Spam Filters

5 15 30 45 60 90
Email Aliases (Forwarding)

15 30 45 60 150 Unlimited
Email Autoresponders
Secure Webmail
Site Logs/Traffic Statistics
Network Traffic

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
CGI, SSI, Perl 5, C, C++, .htaccess, Cronjobs
MySQL Database with unlimited users and phpMiniAdmin
PHP with Zend Optimizer
24/7 FTP Access and FREE Secure FTP client
Telnet (SSH)
UNIX Shell Access
Ecommerce Ready

Support: Safeport takes good care of web novices and masters alike. No extra charge for phone support!

Disk Space: Our fast and reliable UNIX FreeBSD servers with added security measures, weekly and monthly file backups and 24/7 monitoring systems will provide your data with a good home.

Domain Name Service: Let Safeport manage your domain and handle the domain hassle! Or, register separately through our easy interface and get Safeport's quality support.

Email Accounts: Mailboxes (POP3/IMAP) plus spam filtering!

Email Forwarding/Autoresponders: We're happy to provide these handy features. Autoresponders let your correspondents know when you are on vacation, on sabbatical, or just plain not there to answer their email.

Secure Webmail: Safeport provides a convenient and easy-to-understand interface to check your email from any browser. We have protected this interface with an SSL-encrypted certificate for added security.

Webmail screen capture

Site Logs/Traffic Statistics: See how many visits your site gets and get quick stats on the most popular sections, busiest traffic days and generate daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Website Activity Logs

No Charge Based on Traffic: Safeport does not charge extra based on traffic to your site.

CGI, SSI, Perl, C, C++: All accounts starting with BudgetPlus include these programming features.

MySQL Database, phpMiniAdmin: All accounts starting with Advantage include access to our secure, dedicated MySQL servers. Also included is phpMiniAdmin, a tool for managing your database.

PHP, Zend Optimizer: All accounts starting with Advantage include access to our secure, dedicated PHP servers.

24/7 FTP Access: We provide FREE secure software for Windows and Mac users (available on the downloads page).

SSH (Secure Telnet) and UNIX Shell Access: If you're a programmer or simply web-savvy, you'll appreciate this special feature of Safeport accounts. Your webhosting account is a full UNIX account that you can access easily using the free software we provide on our downloads page.

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Special Offer: First 30 days of web hosting FREE! Be sure to mention offer code 305 when you sign up.

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