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Web Hosting News

  • Safeport has some exciting new offers and services that are now available.
    • Domain Registration Deals: The first year's registration for a Safeport managed domain is FREE with a new Advantage level account (semi-annual or yearly payment plan). New Advantage Plus or higher accounts include FREE yearly registration for one managed domain (semi-annual or yearly payment plan).
    • Increased Disk Space for Hosting Plans: We have increased the disk space associated with each of our hosting plans. To see the updated space allocations for each plan, go to www.safeport.com/services/webhostingemail.html.
    • Discounted Domain Transfers: Domain transfers to Safeport's managed account also include one year's renewal for as low as $9.99.

New Services

  • Virtual Servers: Get the advantages of having your own dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. A virtual server is a partition of a full server that acts as a separate machine, with its own programs, user accounts, and root user account.
  • Remote Support: Safeport can now help solve problems with your windows based computer remotely using a program called "LogMeIn." The software allows you to grant a Safeport technician access to your machine so they can work with it as if they were sitting at the computer.
  • System Support: Additional computer support is now available through Caitlin Enterprises, now celebrating their 10th year anniversary.

This document last modified 11/08/2012

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