Managed WordPress

Website DesignSafeport WordPress sites are set up to provide maximum security against hacking and random attacks. Our setup process implements a number or security and hardening techniques to accomplish this.

Safeport can license the SiteOrigin Premium theme and plug-in enhancements to give our customers access to a variety of tools to take advantage of a wide range of design tools to enhance our customers sites. We have experience in dozens of other plug-ins both free and paid for so we can help with, or recommend tools to add functionality and meet any design and layout goal.

For even more customized solutions, the plugin Pods allows you to expand WordPress in just about any way you can imagine, from expanding existing WordPress features and creating custom post types to adding advanced content with access to separate database tables. 

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We offer several levels of managed services and can tailor a plan to meet our customers needs and budget. We can keep your themes, plugins, and WordPress installation updated so you can focus on your site’s content with confidence. We also offer complete site management, maintaining WordPress and also updating and expanding content. Email today for pricing and details! Click Here to see a detailed comparison of our hosting plans.

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