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Secure Telnet and FTP Programs

When you use telnet and FTP to login to Safeport, your password and account name can be intercepted by a third party. The secure telnet and FTP programs below will keep your account information safely confidential. The links bellow will take you to the download or documentation section of each program's website. Please report any problems by emailing support@safeport.com or calling 301-217-9220.

Putty: Windows Secure Telnet Program (Easy Install - Recommended)

WinSCP: Windows Secure FTP Program

FileZilla: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux FTP and SFTP Program

Cyberduck: Windows and Mac OS X FTP, SFTP and SSH Program

Transmit: Mac OS X FTP, SFTP, and SSH Program (Please note: this program is free for a 15-day trial, after which it is $34.00 to register)


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