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about safeport

    Safeport Network Services was founded in 1995 to provide a low cost alternative to individuals and organizations seeking no-hassle, reliable web hosting options. Free phone/email tech support, low-cost e-commerce support and our discounts for prepaid service are part of what make Safeport the best web hosting buy on the Internet. See our web services section for detailed information regarding services and discounts.

    As specialists in web space development and management, we provide fast, reliable web hosting service at an affordable price. Data is backed up weekly and retained for a full year. Safeport web servers feature redundant T3 internet connections with upstream bandwidth provided by Qwest, Verizon, and Time Warner. We use high-performance Dell PowerEdge servers with fault tolerant RAID storage arrays. Backup power systems, including UPS and generator support, insure data integrity and continued service through power outages. We offer Apache as a webserver running under FreeBSD, a security-enhanced open source operating system, providing full compatibility with a wide range of browsers. Apache is a high-performance server for commercial applications, also providing encrypted communication. Our dedicated servers for e-commerce, webmail, and secure transactions are encrypted with SSL certificates with customer warranties from Comodo.

Site Statistics and Information

  • Multiple T3 lines to a Fiber-optic Network
  • High speed internal network
  • High-performance Dell PowerEdge servers
  • Fault tolerant RAID 5 SCSI-2 high-speed storage
  • FreeBSD high-performance operating system
  • Continuous backup power supplied through on-site UPS and generator
Data Protection
  • Fault tolerant redundant data storage
  • Weekly backups
  • Offsite backups

Safeport is a proud member of DC Pages, a directory for the metro area community.

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