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Safeport Network Services


Safeport Network Services was founded in 1995 to provide a low cost alternative to individuals and organizations seeking no-hassle, reliable web hosting options. Safeport customers get free phone/email tech support, free synonym domain service, unlimited email forwarding and discounts for pre-paid service. We do not charge for bandwidth. Please see our web services section for a complete list of our services and discounts. Click Here for a side by side comparison of all our hosting plans.

New @ Safeport

December 31, 2016:
We will be performing server maintenance starting late this morning to be completed by late afternoon. There will be some brief interruptions in service during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The first year's registration for a Safeport managed domain is FREE with a new Advantage level account (paid semi-annually or yearly).

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Budget Plus
From $8.50/month
Our most popular hosting plan has everything you need for a standard website.
  -Hosting for one website
Free synonym domain hosting
-Up to 20 email accounts
-Up to 20 email aliases
-No charge for bandwidth

From $12.75/month
This more advanced plan allows up to three websites, access to a MySQL database, and PHP 5.
  -Hosting for three websites
Free synonym domain hosting
-Up to 30 email accounts
-Up to 45 email aliases
-No charge for bandwidth
-PHP and MySQL support
Advantage Plus
From $17.00/month
With this plan, you get all the features of an Advantage account plus hosting for up to four sites.
  -Hosting for four websites
Free synonym domain hosting
-Up to 45 email accounts
-Up to 60 email aliases
-No charge for bandwidth
-PHP and MySQL support

Domain Options

New Advantage accounts include one free managed domain registration with semi-annual or yearly payment plans. Future registrations are as low as $13.95/year.

New Advantage Plus level or higher accounts with semi-annual or yearly payment plans include free yearly registration for one managed domain.

Transferring an existing domain to Safeport's managed hosting account includes one year's domain registration for as low as $9.99.

We also offer additional discounts for longer term managed registrations. For more information, click here.


webhosting tutorial

Confused about webhosting? Start here!

webhosting tutorial

View websites created by the Safeport design team.

safeport directory

Browse selected nonprofit, education and business sites hosted by Safeport.


Virtual Servers

A Virtual Server gives you the advantages of having your own dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual servers are partitions of a full server that act as a separate machine. Safeport Virtual Servers are created using FreeBSD jails. Each virtual server runs its own programs, has it's own user accounts, and own root user account. A virtual server is an independent system that can only be accessed through the internet.

Click here for pricing information and more details on virtual servers.

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