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Windows Documentation: Publishing/Updating Your Website


WinSCP is available for free at Safeport's downloads page. This easy-to-use FTP interface works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. WinSCP does not have an integrated HTML editor, so you will need separate web design software to create and edit webpages.

Configuring WinSCP

When you start WinSCP, you will see a menu with the following tabs: Session, Environment, Connection, SSH, and Preferences. If you do not see all these options you will need to check the Advanced options box to make them appear.


  • Host name: www.example.com (enter www followed by your domain name and .com, .org, .net, etc.)
  • User name: Safeport account name
  • Password: Safeport login password
  • Private key file: Leave blank
  • Protocol: SCP

Stored sessions: You can save your FTP settings for one-click login.

Logging: Enable this if you have problems logging in.

Directories: This will default to your home directory on the web server. You may also set this to the root directory for your website so that you don't have to open your htdocs folder: /home/myaccount/htdocs (where "myaccount" is your Safeport account name).

SSH: Preferred SSH protocol version: 2 only, Encryption options: 3DES

Preferences: Default (Norton Commander).

Use default settings for the other options.

Using WinSCP to Publish Your Website

Once you open a session by selecting a saved session, clicking Load and then Login, you will see a window similar to the Windows Explorer feature showing your local computer's files and directories in the left pane and your directory at Safeport in the right pane. You may select all files in a given directory for transfer by clicking on the Mark menu and selecting Select All. Or, you may select individual files by holding down CTRL as you select with the left mouse button. Begin file transfer by dragging and dropping files into the desired directory. You may then load your website in a web browser to view the changes.

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