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Safeport Remote Support

Safeport technicians can now help you solve problems on your windows machine remotely using software that will allow them to log in to your computer and work on it as though they were sitting in front of it.

In order to sign up for this service, please call us at 301-217-9220 or send a request by e-mail to support@safeport.com with a subject of "Remote Support Request."


The following hosting plans include this service as follows:

Advantage Plus:    2 free incidents per month
Business:    1 free incident per week
Corporate:    2 free incidents per week

Please contact us for per-incident pricing, or for pricing information for adding this service to other hosting plans.


The program that we use for remote support is called "LogMeIn." To download the program, go to https://secure.logmein.com and sign up for the free version. You will need to enter an e-mail address and password for your "LogMeIn" account. Please be aware that a confirmation e-mail will be sent to that e-mail address which will allow you to verify your account. You will need to do this before we will be able to use the account.

Once your account has been verified, you can set up your computer so that it can be accessed from your "LogMeIn" account. If your computer has multiple accounts set up, the password required to remotely login to your computer will be the username and password for your computer's administrator account. You must be logged in as the administrator account for "LogMeIn" to work. If you do not have more than one account on your computer, you will be able enter a username and password of your choice during the set up process.

Once the set up process is complete, you should either call us or e-mail a request for remote support to the e-mail address above. You will need to provide us with both the username and password for your "LogMeIn" account and the username and password for your windows machine's administrator account (or the username and password you selected if your machine only has one user account set up).

We will only log in to your computer upon receipt of a request for remote support. For additional security, you can also turn off "LogMeIn" when it is not in use. There should be a "LogMeIn" icon in your computer's system tray. You can deactivate the program by right-clicking on the icon and selecting "disable 'LogMeIn.'" If you do this, be sure to remember to turn it back on before submitting a remote support request.

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