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web hosting tutorial

Confused about how the web and web hosting work? We can help. It's simple ... really.


You may have files on your local computer that you want to turn into a website. A website is composed of linked HTML documents that you can create in a special web design program or in a text file using HTML tags. Safeport's design team can help create an elegant and affordable site for you if you aren't comfortable creating and editing HTML documents. Email sales@safeport.com for estimates.

Web Hosting and Domain Names

So now you have created linked HTML documents, but they're still just files sitting on your local computer. Hosting your website means copying your site to a server that is accessible to everyone using the World Wide Web. You can copy sites to Safeport using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Safeport's custom documentation gives you more than just basic setup instructions: we also provide special tutorials for commonly used web publishing and FTP software. We even provide a free secure FTP programs for Windows and Mac on our downloads page to get you started.

The World Wide Web is part of the Internet, and there are rules, or protocols, for accessing sites on the web. A "domain name" is your site's unique address on the Internet: ours is safeport.com. It's how people can find your site on the web. If you can, it's good to keep domain names easy to remember, short and sweet. If you already have a domain name, we can help you move it to Safeport. If you need a domain name, Safeport can register one for you. Just enter the domain you want on the sign up form.

Getting started isn't all that hard. Even if you're starting from scratch. Safeport is here to help you, every step of the way.

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